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The following restrictions are covenants running with the land and shall remain in full force and effect until January 1, 2018 and may be enforced by the owner of any lot in the subdivision.

  1. Said property shall be used for single family residence only.

  2. No temporary house, shack, tent or trailer shall be erected on said property to be used for residential or church purposes. No lot shall be used for schools, kindergartens or churches.

  3. No lot shall be subdivided into less than 12,000 square feet nor shall more than one house be erected on any lot.

  4. No building shall be erected on any lot having less then 2,000 square feet of floor space if one story nor less than 2,500 square
    feet if a two-story residence.

  5. No exposed concrete block.

  6. No satellite television antenna shall be placed in either front or side yards. Any that are placed shall be of the dark metal mesh design and shall be screened from the street by evergreen shrubbery.

  7. All woven wire (chain link) fence shall be pre-coated with either a manufactures applied black or dark green poly-vinyl chloride coating.  This includes all post, gates, rails, hardware and/or accessories.