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September 25, 2010

Tuxford is a great place to live.

Our governing Declaration defines the phrase “Community-Wide Standard” as the standard of conduct, maintenance, or other activity generally prevailing in the Tuxford Subdivision. The Declaration provides that the Board of Directors may more specifically establish, interpret and enforce the maintenance standards for the Tuxford Subdivision. These standards may only be amended by means of a vote of the Members at an Association Meeting.

The Board sincerely believes that our Community-Wide Standards add value to each home within the development and enrich the lives of those who live here. Our high standards make Tuxford the visually appealing and unique community we desire. Retaining these standards is important for all of us. Our standards guide all of us regarding the maintenance of our properties within the Tuxford Community.

The following are established Community-Wide Standards for Tuxford, however, this list is not exhaustive of other generally prevailing Community-Wide Standards in Tuxford

  1. Designated Beds
    It is the homeowners’ responsibility to:

    1. Keep shrubbery trimmed seasonally so as to maintain a neat and healthy appearance;

    2. Promptly remove dead shrubs, trees, and flowers;

    3. Keep flowerbeds and non-grass areas mulched to present a neat appearance;

    4. Prune and trim trees, shrubbery, bushes and other vegetation so that the visibility of pedestrians and motorists is not obstructed;

    5. Fill and repair sink holes which develop in any part of the front or side yards of residential lots within 60 days of the first notification of the violation. Such repairs should restore the contour and/or grade of the lot.

  2. Front Lawns
    It is the homeowners’ responsibility to:

    1. Cut grass on a regular basis so as to maintain a regularly cut appearance;

    2. Edge grass at curbs, driveways, and walkways;

    3. Repair barren lawn areas to prevent potential erosion.

  3. Rear and Side Yards and Beds
    It is the homeowners’ responsibility to:

    1.  Maintain rear and side yard beds visible from the common street in the same manner as front yards and beds.

  4. Home Exteriors
    It is the homeowners’ responsibility to:

    1. Keep house exteriors reasonably free from mold and mildew;

    2. Promptly repair and repaint areas of peeling paint or rust with like colors;

    3. Replace and paint or stain rotted wood to match the existing paint and trim colors;

    4. Replace broken or missing building components, such as windows, siding, decorative elements, gutters or roofing materials, within 60 days of the first notification of the condition.

  5. Fences
    It is the homeowners’ responsibility to make sure that:

    1. All fences must be constructed and maintained to present a pleasant appearance as to quality of workmanship and materials, harmony of external design with existing structures and as to the location with respect to topography and finish grade elevation.

    2. The “finished” side of the fence must face any street or public walkway. The support members are to be on the interior side of the fence and not visible to streets or public walkways.

  6. Basketball Goals and Play Equipment
    It is the homeowners’ responsibility to make sure that:

    1. Backboards and nets shall be neat in appearance at all times;

    2. Basketball goals may not be permanently placed in the street;

    3. Swing sets, sandboxes, trampolines and other large play equipment must not be installed in the front yard.

  7. Mailboxes
    It is the homeowners’ responsibility to make sure that:

    1. Mailboxes must be brick or stone veneer or stucco consistent with the existing design theme of mailboxes throughout the Tuxford Community;

    2. Mailboxes must be kept intact and reasonably free from mold and mildew and kept in good working condition.

  8. Pets
    Additional information regarding fencing for pets:

    1. An electric confinement system shall be considered an acceptable enclosure when the equipment is properly maintained and in continuous working order and the animal to be contained within it wears the appropriate electronic collar when within the system parameters. {Fulton County Animal Code Sec. 34-205 (b) (2)}